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名古屋大学総長  松尾 清一


名古屋大学総長 松尾清一


「As a foundation for the promotion of research 」

Seiichi Matsuo, President

I hope that the “Nagoya University Equipment Sharing System” (NUESS) will be a system which can obtain information and convey it to everyone, anytime, anywhere, whenever necessary.
Expectations of the NUESS from our University members such as researchers and students who are engaged in research, staff who perform maintenance of the equipment, office work sections in charge of account, and the Technical Center of Nagoya University Equipment Sharing Promotion Office (NUESPO) which performs maintenance of the system, are high.
Our key NUESS objective is that many people on and off campus will use and enrich the contents of the system from now on.
I hope that the NUESS develops steadily as one of the foundations of the promotion of research and government-industrial-academic enrichment in our University.

Seiichi Matsuo, President