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  • 学内外で共用可能な設備・機器の調査
  • 休眠設備・機器の調査および共用促進
  • 共用可能な設備・機器のデータベースへの登録
  • 共用可能な設備・機器の公開


  • 共用可能設備・機器の学内外からの予約受付
  • 利用実績の管理
  • 使用消耗品などオプション利用の管理
  • 使用料課金の管理
  • 利用者グループへの請求書発行


  • 集積場所の確保と集積化
  • 共用設備・機器の運用支援



  • 共用化マネジメント
  • 使用料算定基準の作成と標準化
  • 共用可能な設備・機器の維持管理の検討


  • 共用実施部局・施設との連携強化
  • 学外の機器共用実施機関との連携強化

Business details

Creation of Nagoya University Facilities and Equipment Management Database

  • Investigation of facilities and equipment that are sharable both inside and outside the University
  • Investigation and promotion of the sharing of dormant facilities and equipment
  • Registration of shareable facilities and equipment to the database
  • Publication of shareable facilities and equipment

Establishment and operation of Nagoya University Equipment Sharing System

  • Reservation receipt for sharable facilities and equipment both from inside and outside the University
  • Management of use results
  • Management of optional use such as supplies to be used
  • Management of imposition of use charges
  • Issuance of invoices to users’ groups

Nagoya University Aggregate Sharing Facility

  • Securing of aggregation place and aggregation
  • Operation support for shared facilities and equipment


Sharing promotion of usable facilities and equipment

  • Sharing management
  • Making of the standards for calculation of use charges and standardization
  • Review of maintenance of sharable facilities and equipment

Cooperation both inside and outside the University

  • Strengthening of cooperation with sharing executing departments and facilities.
  • Strengthening of cooperation with equipment sharing executing organizations outside the University