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全学技術センター長・副総長    佐宗 章弘


全学技術センター技術部長    梅原 徳次



Akihiro Sasoh Head of the Technical Center, Vice President of Nagoya University

Nagoya University Equipment Sharing Promotion Office part of the university technical center was established in February 2014, to introduce the facilities and equipment owned by Nagoya University to other groups and entities inside and outside of the campus, and to promote the common use of its facilities and equipment, as well as provide information, and support the application process, etc.

The 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan calls for strategic reinforcement of information infrastructures at universities and the common use of renewed and maintained facilities. With the aim to have more effective utilization of assets on hand and to increase the efficiency of the research facility investments, it is also required to further promote the common use of facilities and equipment.

In an organization such as a university, it is not easy to promote shared use of facilities and equipment in such a short time frame, it also costs time and demands intensive effort.

Nevertheless, we have expectations that various people inside and outside of the university will be connected through the facilities and equipment sharing system, and that will cause a ripple effects, such as further development of educational research, strategies for complicated new academic fields, and the creation of collaborative research will be produced.

Noritsugu Umehara, Director of the Technical Center

In recent years, it is well-known that the introduction and renewal of facilities and equipment by public funds are becoming increasingly difficult.
At Nagoya University, we are striving for further promotion of the common use of existing facilities and equipment, with the support of MEXT *1 and other projects, including our own internal programs.

Nagoya University Equipment Sharing Promotion Office part of the University technical center formed the “Nagoya University Facilities and Equipment Sharing System (NUESS)" in April 2015, to improve the efficiency of a series of tasks such as searching and reservation of the facilities and equipment, accounting fees, and so forth.
And as of March 2018, the number of facilities and equipment registered and operated in NUESS has reached 260 units.

Although the system has a short history and it is still in the early stage of development, we will strive to assist with the development of research and technological innovation, by increasing the number of registered units, improving services, and utilizing them for many research institutes and industry people both inside and outside the university in various fields.

*1 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan