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全学技術センター長・理事・副総長    財満 鎭明


全学技術センター長・理事・副総長  財満 鎭明

全学技術センター技術部長    梅原 徳次


全学技術センター技術部長  梅原 徳次


Yoshiaki Zaima, Head of the Technical Center, Trustee and Vice President of Nagoya University

One (1) year has already passed since the Nagoya University Equipment Sharing Promotion Office (NUESPO) was established at Nagoya University.
Up to now, NUESPO has conducted a survey of the University’s common use facilities and equipment, established the “Nagoya University Facilities and Equipment Management Database System” and “Nagoya University Equipment Sharing System” (NUESS) and commenced operation of NUESS in April 2015.
From now on, NUESPO will make researchers both inside and outside the University thoroughly aware of the publicity of shared facilities and equipment of the University as well as their use method etc., and will act as the promoter who will “effectively use the assets inside the University” as the second (2nd) mid-term plan of Nagoya University.
Further, the Technical Center will fully reveal its technical power, and with the aim of the strengthening and promotion of the research power of the University, it will assume an important role in the research support system inside the University.

Yoshiaki Zaima, Head of the Technical Center, Trustee and Vice President of Nagoya University

Noritsugu Umehara, Director of the Technical Center

The research and development at Nagoya University has been developed, supported by the University’s Technical Center.
Also, during the deployment of research and development, the University’s Technical Center has evolved and been stimulated and supported.
In order to utilize the cutting-edge facilities and equipment owned by the Center inside the University, the “Technical Center of Nagoya University Equipment Sharing Promotion Office” was created after several discussion processes.
I think that the important role of the Office is to list the University’s facilities and equipment, to have them thoroughly known inside the University and to guide and adjust the requests for use from inside the University.
By executing the above, we can efficiently operate the facilities and equipment owned by the University. Also, it will contribute much to the “strengthening of research power” of the University.
The above direction had been aimed at by Technical Center and this time we accelerated the direction and were able to realize it, using the expenses for the promotion program of the strengthening of NU as a research university.
I expect that a facilities and equipment sharing system as the model of national research organizations etc. will be established and practiced, collecting the technology and wisdom of the University.

Noritsugu Umehara, Director of the Technical Center